English speaking course

Chatting in English

Improve your English-speaking skills and speak fluently without stress. Not only this. Learn English on your own from your phone or laptop 24/7, when you feel like it.
By the end of this speaking course, you’ll learn how to:
  • Speak English well with foreigners and connect with them
  • Make small talk in English with your friends and colleagues at dinners, parties and daily situations
  • Communicate well in English with others at seminars and meet-ups who have the same interests as you

Is this you?

  • Are you sad because your English is bad and you cannot go to a meetup in Vienna and communicate well with other people?
  • Are you stressed because you don’t sound fluent when you talk with your foreign friends?
  • Are you worried you are making a bad first impression at parties and dinners because your English is not good enough?
  • Are you frustrated because other people have better job than you just because they speak English fluently?

Now, imagine that you could

  • Go to international seminars and meetups and speak in English with confidence?
  • Feel great in daily communication with friends and acquaintances?
  • Make new friends using English and feel proud of your speaking skills?

Why choose video online speaking course Chatting in English?

  1. You learn English on the platform- just join the course on your laptop or mobile phone when you want 24/7
  2. You organize your time how you like it and learn 1 hour or 6 hours a day – it’s up to you, there are no limits
  3. You save money and learn on your own because classes with a teacher cost 3 times more

What do you get?

  • 14 lessons to learn English on your own

  • 3-month access to the course materials on the platform without any limits

  • 2 Interactive quizzes + Reviews in PDF to practise what you have learnt

  • 1 class with me / 45min on Google Meet when you finish the course

  • Digital Certificate of completion sent to your email when you complete the course

And that's not all...

Bonus materials:

  • 40 sentences to practise and use in real-life conversation

  • 30 common phrasal verbs and idioms for daily communication

Why should you learn with me?

I am a non-native English language teacher and I know where you make mistakes because I had to learn English from A B C D, just like you. I had problems with confidence and sounding natural, too. I was afraid of speaking because I was worried about making mistakes or saying something incorrectly. I simply did not know how to use all those learnt English expressions in real-life communication without sounding like a robot or, even worse, impolite.

That’s exactly what inspired me to create the course Chatting in English. I wanted to give you all the necessary expressions that helped me communicate better and more confidently and, even more importantly, show you how to use them in real conversations with your friends and acquaintances at social events.

How can you learn effectively? The key is repetition. The expressions are repeated 3 times and I encourage you to repeat ‘the difficult ones’ a few more times. Don’t worry, I speak slowly and give explanations using simple language that you CAN understand. Of course, for the best progress you should get feedback from a teacher, so you’re welcome to join our Group Zoom meetings with other learners and get my support.

Chatting in English
English speaking course


All of the lessons are in English, and the course is suitable for A2 and B1 level students.

You have 3-month access to the course materials, so you can re-watch the videos on the platform as many times as you’d like. You learn on your own, so it will probably take you 1-2 months to finish the course. When you finish the course materials, you get 1 class with me to practise what you have learnt or ask any questions about English.

You access the course through your internet browser – Mozilla Firefox, Bing, Opera or Chrome. This means you can use it on your computer, laptop, tablet and phone.

No, this is not a Business course with Business English expressions. This course helps you learn how to make small-talk or chat informally with your friends and people you meet at meetups, parties, dinners and other everyday situations. The expressions you learn can be used in daily communication with colleagues, though.

  • Every time you meet someone new you panic and just say “Hi, how are you”, and can’t remember anything else
  • You feel stressed because you don’t speak English well with foreigners
  • You are sad because your English is bad and you cannot go to international meet-ups and seminars and communicate in English fluently with other people
  • You are worried you are making a bad first impression at parties and dinners because your English is not good enough
  • You feel that you don’t sound fluent in English
  • You don’t want to practise on your own and do the exercises I have prepared
  • You don’t want to invest any time and energy into learning
  • You want to learn Business English or need English for specific purposes (economics, marketing, finance)

What exactly do you learn/ Course materials:

In each module, you’ll learn the daily English expressions and their usage in 3 different situations: 

  • Module 1 – Starting the conversation
  • Module 2 – Asking questions
  • Module 3 – How to change the subject
  • Module 4 – Showing interest
  • Module 5 – Showing agreement
  • Module 6 – Showing surprise
  • Module 7 – Review
  • Module 8 – Showing sympathy and understanding
  • Module 9 – Stating and asking for an opinion
  • Module 10 – Checking and clarifying
  • Module 11 – Showing disagreement
  • Module 12 – Dealing with difficult situations
  • Module 13 – Ending the conversation
  • Module 14 – Review

Situation 1

A conversation between 2 friends who see easch other daily.

Situation 2

A conversation between complete strangers

Situation 3

A conversation between old friends who have not seen each other