My English Speaking Assessment

What do you get?

An accurate written assessment of your English speaking level (sent to your email).

A detailed spoken assessment of what you know and what you need to practice.

Practical tips to enhance English on your own.

Improve your fluency by correcting the most comon mistakes.

The Assessment has 3 parts

In the first part

I'll ask you about your interests, studies, career plans.

I'll assess your ability to introduce yourself.

In the second part

I'll give you two photographs and ask you to talk about them and compare them.

I'll assess your ability to compare, describe and speculate.

In the third part

You'll express your opinion about the photographs in greater detail.

I'll assess your ability to talk about the topic and justify your opinion.

When we finish the third part, you’ll get an immediate spoken analysis of the mistakes you have made.

A detailed written assessment and advice how to reach your language goal are sent to your email within 24 hours.

Who should take​

the Assessment?

Everybody who wants to:

Find out what mistakes they make and how to correct them

Get guidance on what to focus on and practise (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation etc.)

Test their Speaking before taking Cambridge exams (FCE, CAE, CPE)

Get to know their Spoken level

Learn how to practise English effectively and improve it on their own

I’m quite happy that I could have talked like that. Besides, it's clear to me your valuation will be definitely useful for making me committed to a process of immersion in my English studies in an organized way and also being aware, from now on, of my current limitations and future possibilities. I'd like you to let me know about your private lessons schedule from January of next year. For the rest, I want you to know that it was a great pleasure for me to meet you.

Sílvio Passos

Dear teacher Sanja, sorry that I am late with my feedback. I read your comments and agree with all of them. I need to work on pronunciation and improve tenses. Thank you very much for testing my speaking. Regards,

Marko M.

Thank you so much for your helpful Assessment. I am really grateful that you gave me this opportunity now I am aware of my mistake and where I have improved. You gave me some wonderful tips. Your assessment was really helpful for me and I think everyone who wants to improve their level of English have to take an assessment from teachers like you 🙂

Shahin Shaikh

Thank you so much for the Assessment. It was such a pleasant experience for me! I was enjoying while talking to you. And above all thank you for the time you took to tell me what I need to do in order to improve my English skills. You explained my mistakes in so many details and gave me a bunch of great tips and tricks to correct them. If you ask me, you are highly recommended!

Bojana Petrovic

Estimation of your current English level

Analysis of your mistakes and how to correct them

Advice how to reach your language goal

*can be paid by PayPal, Bank Account or Invoice

The total assessment time is 40 minutes on Zoom.

All language learners (from A1-C2 level of English) can check their knowledge.

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